Hostess Party Ideas!

Hostess With The Mostest

Cocktail recipes and party ideas

By: Gia Reynolds

Are you going to an event or party?

Don’t show up empty handed. Here is a wonderful hostess gift.

After all who wouldn’t want this? You can switch up and out whatever you want in there. One of my friends put mini wine bottles in there and she said that was a big hit also.

I’m so looking forward to sharing more HSH Tips. This is my favorite season. If you have any friends or family that love to cook and decorate.

Good Friend Pharmacy!

Good Friend Pharmacy. Prescription for smiles!☺️ Do you want a quick and easy gift to let people know you appreciate them? Label says “Good Friend Pharmacy”

Take one to two piece as needed. Fill jars up with candy so next time your food is being delivered or neighbors that need a quick pick me up or smile. Try this idea. My girlfriends loved it!

2 Parts Whisky 

1 Part Fresh Lemon Juice 

2 Parts Peach 

Frozen Peaches 

Cocktail Cherries 


Mix all ingredients except cherries, and frozen peaches in a shaker. Then pour over frozen peaches and garnish. 

*Egg white was omitted. Feel free to add one if you like.

Passionate Woman

I made this drink in honor of all the passionate women I know. I made it with Empress Gin. Which the word Empress itself means a mother, a creator, a woman who is supreme,and  widely regarded as the highest.  

I am grateful to be a woman. I must have done something great in another life. In the words of Maya Angelou 

Pass this post to other women you feel are supreme. 


4 oz of Gin 

2oz of Fresh Lemon Juice 

2oz of Passion Fruit Juice

1 oz of Tonic 


Fruit to garnish 

For my sober sisters and mom’s with babies you can still enjoy this drink. It’s delicious without the gin. I omitted the Gin and Tonic and used Lemon lime soda. It was outstanding. 

Mix lemon juice and passion fruit juice together. 

Divide equally between two highball glasses filled with ice. Pour 2 oz of gin in each glass. Top with garnish and tonic.

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